White Chapel Memorial Gardens

White Chapel Memorial Gardens was founded in 1960. It was and still is the only Endowment-Care Cemetery in the Duluth area. Originally founded as a flat-bronze only facility, the cemetery now also has a small section for upright monuments. The property consists of about 16 acres, situated between Pleasant Hill Road, Breckinridge Boulevard and I-85 Although 15 acres or so is already developed; there are over 5,000 Interment Rights still available, not including the extra acre of unplatted land. There are a total of 7 sections for below-ground interment, including Apostles, Peace, Hope, Masonic, Everlasting Life, Honor and Good Shepherd. There is also a Chapel Mausoleum, with future plans to add two more buildings, for above ground entombment of both caskets and urns. Cremation sections will be added soon, as well as areas for private family mausoleums.

1832 Pleasant Hill Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 923-2252

White Chapel Mausoleum

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Our Staff

Our biggest asset by far is our staff. We are blessed with a core group of caring, long-term cemetery professionals who have a combined 136 years of experience in the field.

Tim Smith


Nancy Massingille

Vice President

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Anna Tait